Project Write2Them is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the morale of our military recruits while they are in basic training or boot camp. Our mission is to make it easier for families and friends to stay in touch with their loved one and make sure that every recruit’s name is called at Mail Call! Project Write2Them provides the convenience and security of sending an email when the recruit cannot receive email or other electronic communications and must receive a printed letter. With Project Write2Them, you simply send an email and your loved one receives a letter from home.

Since 2010, we have provided families of military recruits with an easy, cost-effective way to stay connected by blending both high-tech (email) and low tech (mail delivered through the postal system) solution. Project Write2Them is staffed by volunteers and funded by the families using the service. Our goal is to be entirely supported by donations from individuals and corporate sponsors reducing the financial burden on the families these recruits leave at home.

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