Welcome to the Write2Them Blog

Welcome to the Write2Them blog!

Write2Them is dedicated to improving communication between family members and loved ones around the world by turning email into letters from home. With Write2Them service, you send email and your loved one receives a letter.

We want you have a great experience with Write2Them.

In this blog we will be sharing lots of useful information such as

  •  helpful hints on using the Write2Them website,
  •  how to get questions answered (Chat sessions).
  •  do’s and don’ts for writing to loved ones at basic training and summer camp,
  •  how to keep your letters from home interesting, how to send photos,
  •  how to keep Grandma and Grandpa ‘in the loop’ with family news but without the worries of technology, and
  •  other topics related to communication with those we love.

Please feel free to comment and add to any blog post.

Tell your friends about Write2Them and encourage them to visit our website at http://www.write2them.com!

Best regards,


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