Neither rain, nor sleet, not wildfires…

It’s a pretty typical day at W2T:  processing the outgoing mail, checking web and mail traffic, responding to customer support email, checking to see whether our neighborhood is going to be evacuated.  Those of you who have made it to the “About Write2Them” page on our web site (through the Company link in the menu) know that we are based in Colorado Springs, and the Waldo Canyon fire west of the city has made the national news.  So far the local communities are doing a great job with “point protection” of critical infrastructure, and the winds are keeping the fire north of US 24 and west of the subdivisions in the Colorado Springs foothills.  The Feds have just taken over management of the operation (I guess that’s a good thing!) and the DoD has agreed to assign four C130 aircraft to drop water and flame retardant where it’s needed.  But it certainly has our attention, both for personal and business reasons.

All companies need to think about contingency plans, disaster recovery, and what’s known as COOP — Continuity Of OPerations.  It’s times like these that we’re glad that Write2Them’s infrastructure is set up to minimize disruption.  Our primary servers are hosted in a data center in Ohio, our backup servers are here in Colorado Springs, and our data is encrypted and securely backed up “in the cloud” using Amazon Web Services.  The only thing left to worry about is the actual mail production — printing, folding, stuffing, etc. — and we have a couple of safety nets in place for that as well.

The mail must go out, and we are well prepared to ensure continuity of operations.  We expect no disruption to providing you with the best possible service.

Please keep the brave firefighters and our displaced neighbors west of Colorado Springs in your thoughts and prayers.

2 thoughts on “Neither rain, nor sleet, not wildfires…

  1. What an amazing service. I am terrible about getting letters in the mail, and would have to prep paper, envelopes, and stamps ahead of time with inserts so all I had to do was write and drop it in the box. I’ll have to keep this in mind in the future.

    1. Thank you for the kind words about our service. We’d be honored to featured in one of your blogs. It’s really hard to keep up a steady stream of letters over a long period, which is why I started thinking about how to stay in touch with my son on the way home from MEPS after his enlistment ceremony and Write2Them was born.

      I really enjoyed reading your blog entries,very motivational and so nice to see positive writings about those serving our country. I am looking forward to being a Follower.

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