Keep sending those emails — Check your Write2Them Account Report!

One of the more popular (at least, often used) features of our Write2Them service is the Account Report.  Customers can access the Account Report by signing into their Write2Them account  at and selecting the Account Report option.

We developed this report to give customers confidence that the mail is going out.  Many of our customers have become “regulars”, running the report every morning (or even several times a day) to make sure that the emails have been received and processed.  They’re probably also using it to check up on the friends and family that they have listed as Friends, to make sure that their son or daughter is getting a healthy number of emails each day.  The report page also has a feature that let’s the account owner send the report as an email. We are considering adding an option to make that an automatic daily email.

We’ve also implemented a couple of other features along this same line, one in production and one waiting in the wings.  The one in production is an automatic notification to the Friend that his/her email(s) have been processed and printed.  That email is automatically sent each morning as the batch of emails are processed for printing.  It basically says “got your email — it’s going out today — keep ’em coming.”  The feature waiting in the wings is our “nag” email, intended to be sent to Friends who haven’t sent any emails in the recent past.  That email basically says “your friend/nephew/granddaughter is out there doing pushups, crawling through dirt, getting yelled at for being a maggot — the least you can do is send an email once in a while.”  We haven’t decided whether we want to be in the nagging business; maybe we’ll make it easy for the account owner to do the nagging.

We developed this service to be used, and we spend a good part of each business day (which in our case, often includes weekends) analyzing web and email traffic to keep communication flowing and growing.  So far, so good.  Keep ’em coming.

Please let us know what you think about the possible enhancements to the Write2Them Account Report.



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