Adventures at Basic Training Graduation…

I just read this great blog about a Dad and Son’s ‘adventure’ at Ft. Knox during Basic Training (BMT) Graduation weekend. It certainly made me smile and reminded me of our family ‘adventure’ during our son’s graduation from Basic Military Training  at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas.

Our ‘adventure’ occurred while dropping our son back off at his dorm after an off base excursion to see the San Antonio Missions baseball team play. It was well after dark upon our return to the base, but within the permitted time frame. While we were saying our goodbyes, my son realized that he did not have the required flashlight to walk around base after dark nor did he see a fellow Airman from his Flight returning to the dorm. Base safety requirements are that Airman Basics walking on base after dark must have a flashlight and must walk in groups of two or more.  After quickly assessing the ‘risks’,  our new Airman First Class (A1C) hurriedly exited the car, found two Airman Basics with flashlights and requested an escort to his dorm…sounds good, right? All the rules being followed…

All was well until two Air Force TI’s, the Air Force equivalent of Drill Instructors, who are easily recognized by the Smokey the Bear ranger-style hats they wear, rounded the corner of his dorm building and immediately started questioning our son. In horror, we silently watched from the car as they started talking to him and the two Airman escorts were quickly dismissed. We thought that he might lose his off base privileges for the following day.  It was not until the next day, when we went to pick up our “Honor Graduate’ that we learned that the TI’s had given him quite an earful …that he was not a trainee (Airman Basic) any more, but an A1C, however they threatened that a return to Airman Basic status could be arranged!

The entire weekend was so special for us and the other families there to watch their loved ones graduate.  Rest assured, he was back on base without incident that next day.

About Write2Them

I started Write2Them as a way to use email to write letters to my son while he was at Air Force Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base. I wanted to make it easy for myself, his Dad, sister and mostly importantly his friends to write to him while he was away from home.  All the military service Basic Training locations restrict Recruits access to smart phones, iphones and computers during training. Using Write2Them we didn’t have to worry about stamps, envelopes or getting to the post office. You can learn more about Write2Them at


2 thoughts on “Adventures at Basic Training Graduation…

  1. Hiya! So, I was looking for a way to talk to my boyfriend while he was at basic. Letters are easy for me to write, but hard to send when I don’t know any of the required info to get it to him… He’s at MCRD San Diego right now for the next few months, but as goes for his rank, platoon, squad, street address and other needed info to send mail, I don’t have any… Is there any way to receive this info?

    1. Your boyfriend will definitely enjoy receiving your letters. Unfortunately, you have to wait until you get the information from him.
      While at Marine boot camp, your boyfriend is a Recruit and RCT should proceed his name. After graduation, he will receive a rank and will have earned the title of Marine.

      Thanks for posting.


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