Proud Mom of Two Marines

One of my favorite bloggers, 3 Quarters Today  is the Proud Mom of two Marines . I like all of her postings, but especially enjoy her postings supporting our military and their families.

In addition to her writing, she has just launched a store on CafePress with some items especially for a Marine Mom with Two Marines! The store can be found at

One of the reasons I enjoy her blog is that Write2Them has many Marine Corps families using the Write2Them service to stay in touch with their loved one during the 13 week boot camp at both Marine Recruit Depot, San Diego (MRD San Diego) and Marine Recruit Depot, Parris Island (MRD Parris Island).  I can only imagine how difficult it is for parents, other family members and friends to keep up a steady stream of letters to their Recruit over the 13 weeks and that’s where the convinence of Write2Them can really help. Friends and family can all use the account and send emails that we turn into letters.

Another reason is that I am the proud daughter of a WWII Marine who served with the 6th Marine Division during the battles of Okinawa and Guadalcanal.

It’s my experience that many Marine Corps families have more than one Marine currently serving our country; whether it’s a son or daughter, husband or wife, boyfriend or  girlfriend … Serve in the Marines run in families.

As those of us with a Marine know, once a Marine ALWAYS a Marine.

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