“Does a red envelope mean extra push-ups for my boyfriend or girlfriend at boot camp?”

 “I just sent a Valentine in a red envelope to my daughter/son at basic training, will they get in trouble?”

 “I just decorated my envelope with hearts and stickers, will my husband/boyfriend get my card or will the Drill Instructor or Training Instructor confiscate it”?

We receive many questions about sending Valentines to loved ones at boot camp and basic training.

Of course, Drill Instructors (DI’s) and Training Instructors (TI’s) know when it’s Valentine’s Day!

Yes. Red and decorated envelopes will be noticed by the Instructors. Yes,  your loved one might be assigned some extra push-ups, but they will not get into ‘official’ trouble.

I suspect that around Valentine’s Day, everyone is doing extra push-ups; those that get cards and those that don’t. Remember, the Instructors are charged with turning these wonderful men and women into Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Guardsmen and Marines and push-ups are just a training tool.

No. DI’s and TI’s do not confiscate mail sent to trainees unless it contains material that should not be sent for example, magazines, pin-up type photos, etc.

Here are our suggestions for successful Valentines Day letters:

  • If you only have a red envelope, use it.
  • If you already sent the card in a decorated envelope, don’t worry about it.
  • USE Write2Them! We use only white envelopes and your email letters can have photos and artwork all printed in full color!

It is always more important that your loved one gets a card or letter, so they know they’re loved and missed by those at home, even if it means a couple of additional push-ups!

Project Write2Them sends all letters to all nine boot camp and basic training locations . You can learn more about Project Write2Them service at Write2Them.


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