Project Write2Them supports Service Academy Parents Clubs

USAFA Basic Cadet Training
Why your Cadet needs letters during Cadet Basic Training

Since 2013, Project Write2Them has supported all Naval Academy Parents Clubs, West Point Parents Club, Air Force Parents Clubs, Coast Guard Academy Parent Clubs and Merchant Marine Academy Parents Association with a free subscription to Write2Them service for their new appointee events for the Class of 2020! This is the 4th year, Project Write2Them has offered gift certificates to each parents club.

All official parent clubs should request a gift certificate as soon as possible. The gift subscription may be used as a fundraiser or as a door prize. Parent Club Presidents should contact for more information .

“Mail Call is simply the best part of a cadet’s, plebe’s or midshipman’s day”, says Helen Simmons, Executive Director, “we make it easier for parents and friends to write daily letters.”  In addition to parents, other family members and friends can use the account,  so their loved ones can receive lots of positive support during this very difficult training period.

Project Write2Them provides service throughout the year to all U.S. military basic training and boot camp locations. We also provide service to all Officer Candidate Schools as well. You can learn more about Project Write2Them at

Project Write2Them is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.

1 thought on “Project Write2Them supports Service Academy Parents Clubs

  1. What about national guard? I can’t find a way to reach my brother who just joined.

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