Basic Training Address List

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Air Force Basic Training Address 

AB Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial
# # # TRS / FLT # # # Dorm “letter A or B” – # (the letter is either “A” or “B”)
1320 Truemper Street Unit 36 # # # #
Lackland AFB, TX 78236 – # # # # (zip extension)

Army and Army National Guard Training Address

Ft. Benning, GA

Rank (PVT, PV2, PFC, SPC) Last name, First name Roster Number
X Co., # PLT  X-XX Inf. Regt.
Street address
Fort Benning, GA 31905

Ft. Jackson, SC

Rank (PVT, PV2, PFC, SPC) Last Name, First Name
(PLT#) PLT (Company) Co X/XXth INF REGT
XXXX Jackson Blvd
Fort Jackson, SC 29207-6100

Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

Rank (PVT, PV2, PFC, SPC) Last Name, First Name & Class #
(PLT #) PLT (Company) Co X/XXth Inf Regt.
495 Iowa Avenue Unit ###
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473- ( plus 4 varies)

Ft. Sill, OK

Rank, Last Name, First Name
“ “  Battery, 1-# # FA Battalion
####   Street Address (varies by unit)
Fort Sill, OK 73503 + 4 digit (varies by unit)

Coast Guard Training Address:
SR Last Name, First Name
Recruit Company ______
Healy Hall, or James Hall, or Munro Hall
USCG Training Center
1 Munro Avenue
Cape May, NJ 08204-5083

Marines Training Address:

MCRD Parris Island, SC

RCT (First and last name)
Alpha Co 1st RTBN Platoon _______
Box ##### (varies by unit)
Parris Island SC 29905-####  (last 4 varies)

MCRD San Diego, CA 

RCT First Name Last Name
### Bn. Alpha (or appropriate) Company Office Platoon #####
#### Midway Ave. (street number varies)
San Diego, Calif. 92140-5670 (Last 4 varies

Navy Training Address:

Great Lakes Naval Training Center

XXXX   XXXXXXXXXX ( street number and name varies)
GREAT LAKES IL 60088-XXXX (last four varies)

2 thoughts on “Basic Training Address List

  1. tried to sign-up for your service but you have no addresses posted on this page to enter into my form.

    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately, you have to wait until you get the complete address from the Command at your loved ones training location before you can use the service.
      Once you get the information, go to and set up your account.


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