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I thought this was an interesting and fun read. Here’s an Army Drill Sergeant’s entertaining look at some of the mail sent to recruits at basic training. No problem with Project Write2Them mail, however, plain white envelopes properly addressed (with plt numbers and names on the back flap), just full of postive thoughts from home. Project Write2Them sends letters to all basic training and boot camp locations.

Life of an Army Drill Sergeant

Army privates are briefed from the moment they step off the bus at the reception station about contraband such as food, drinks, drugs, etc.  They are not allowed to keep any of these items.  They are later briefed about receiving mail; what they can have and what they can’t have.  We allow them to call home, I reiterate to them,”Tell your families and friends not to send you any kind of food, medicine, electronic devices because you cannot have those things while in basic training.
Throughout my time as a drill sergeant I have seen many interesting packages such as baby wipe containers that have a piece cut out of the center with candy.  I noticed that the package of wipes didn’t have the cellophane wrapping on it.  Then when the private opened it, it was just wipes, until you took the top layer off.  How about shampoo or lotion bottles?  Well…

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Patriot’s Day and the Boston Marathon bombings

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How to Write a Thank-you Note – This was so entertaining!

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Five Do’s and Don’t’s When Writing Letters to Recruits at Basic Training

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Proud Mom of Two Marines

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Writing Letters to our Senior Citizens

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US Air Force Academy Class of 2016 Doolie Day Out

Here is a photo of 5 USAF Academy Cadets during Doolie Day Out (DDO). DDO is day when the cadets leave the Air Force Academy campus for several hours before they head off for two weeks of 'camping', weapon training and the obstacle course at Jacks Valley. Those smiles won’t last long.