US Air Force Academy Class of 2016 Doolie Day Out

Here is a photo of 5 USAF Academy Cadets during Doolie Day Out (DDO). DDO is day when the cadets leave the Air Force Academy campus for several hours before they head off for two weeks of 'camping', weapon training and the obstacle course at Jacks Valley. Those smiles won’t last long.

Class of 2016 US Air Force Academy Cadets

We served as a Bed & Breakfast host family for 3 new cadets entering the USAF Academy Class of 2016. They are wonderful, intelligent and articulate young adults and we wish them the best during cadet basic training. Our country’s future is looking bright, if all our new cadets at USAFA and USMA (West Point), midshipman (USNA) and … Continue reading Class of 2016 US Air Force Academy Cadets