Testimonials – Our Families Say It Best!

We are proud to share some of the many testimonials from families who have used our service to send letters to their loved ones at boot camp or basic training. We have provided service to all 9 military basic training or boot camp locations, Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, West Point, Coast Guard Academy and the Merchant Marine Academies.

Here are just a few of the many testimonials we have received.

Air Force – Lackland AFB

“I liked being able to send email from work or while on business travel, knowing that they would be mailed to Lackland AFB the next day.  Attaching photos to emails was also an easy way to get those to our son.”
— Bob, USAF BMT parent, Lackland Air Force Base

“I can’t say enough good things about Write2Them. The ability to type an email anytime and any place as well as sending photos is amazing.”
“My husband has been so happy to see photos of our son daily.  He feels that because of this he hasn’t missed out on very much.”
— Brittany, USAF BMT spouse, Lackland Air Force Base

“My son loved the service and others in his FLT noticed how fast he received mail, how much he was getting and how cool the format was. They then told their loved ones to sign up.”
— Sara, USAF BMT Mom, Lackland Air Force Base

“I cant thank you enough for your program. It is such a blessing and it makes it so much easier for some to send letters and provides the support for our son at such a challenging time. I’ll do all I can to spread the word and encourage support of your program. Again, Thank you.”
— Julie, USAF mother

Army – Ft Benning, Ft. Jackson, Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft. Sill

“I just love the Write2Them website.  My son receives his emails much faster.  Also as I have thoughts pop into my head of things I need or want to say to him I can just pull up my email and ship them to him.  It is a wonderful, helpful process of keeping in touch with someone. Thanks write2them.org.”
— Reda, Army Recruit parent, Ft. Benning

“Thank you. Your service is wonderful and such a blessing!”
— Nancy, Army Recruit parent, Ft. Benning

“My blind father was able to send him a letter too which is nice because mailing letters for him is very hard.”

“I was able to send a letter every day without the stress of writing, addressing, and getting the letter to the mailbox. My soldier loved it too since he had at least 1 letter every mail call.”
— Jen, Army Recruit wife, Ft. Jackson

Saw all the letters I sent my son, sometimes twice a day with pictures I attached. .WOW. This is the BEST BEST idea ever-BIG THANKS to Write2them! unlimited daily writing, attach pictures and they provide an envelope for privacy..NICE!!”
— Noi, Army Recruit parent, Ft. Jackson

“Omg Thank you, Write2them.org! My Daugther is in Fort Sill and she already received the letter thanks to your faster service, thank you. God Bless this website!!!!!!”
— Annia, Army Recruit Parent, Ft. Sill

“It’s hard to go old school and actually take the time to mail letters. We’re already sitting in front of the computer, so we can just fire off an email with little to no effort.”
— Carol, Army Recruit Parent

“I am so glad that I found the Write2them service, it has made communication with Chris so much easier for his tech-savvy friends, and you guys are so easy to deal with and diligent in making sure that things work as they should.”
-– Raina, Army Recruit mom, Ft. Jackson

“Moms LOVE to be in contact with their kids.  Write2Them has made that so easy for me to keep in touch with my son during his boot camp training.  He actually wrote me that he gets the biggest smile on his face when hearing his name called for mail.”
— Roseann, Army Recruit Mom, Ft. Leonard Wood


Navy – Great Lakes Naval Training Center

“… this service has made my every day less cumbersome, as I have committed to writing daily letters. I … am able to write them early in the morning, emailing them to [Write2Them], who in turn mails them out.”
— Nancy, Navy Recruit parent, Great Lakes Naval Training Center

“Write2them has been a wonderful way for our family/friends and us to keep in touch with our son while he was in basic training at Great Lakes. My husband and I highly recommend write2them to anyone wanting to support their recruit.”
— Julie and Stuart, Navy Recruit parents, Great Lakes Naval Training Center

“I used the voice to text on my phone and sent several emails out a day. His friends also really liked the service as they could use their phones to send him letters and pictures. Most of all my son loved the letters, He said it was like getting 7 letters at once. The other recruits that read his letters wanted the Write2them service.”
–Joshua, Navy Recruit Dad, Great Lakes Naval Training Center


Marine Corps – MCRD Parris Island and MCRD San Diego

“During the past ten days — when my daughter’s future was up in the air — back & forth communication was very difficult. Your service did as much as it could. So — thank you for your service — and your attention to our account.”
— Jim M., Marine Recruit parent – MCRD Parris Island

“Thank you so much for this incredible service!! Although my recruit will be graduating soon, I did extend my subscription. Please use the few extra $$ to help support the program.”
— Renee, a Marine Recruit Mom – MCRD San Diego

Military Service Academies – Air Force, Naval, West Point, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine

“It was great to see a photo of my son at USAFA with mail; Write2Them makes communication easy and fast. I can email my son from work, home, or my iPhone and he will receive the message in letter format from Write2Them. No stamps, envelopes, or mailbox required on my part.”
           –Greg, US Air Force Academy Parent

 “When he made that first call home he told me how much he appreciated getting those letters and pictures. I would highly recommend your service to any parent who wants to easily keep in touch …while they’re going through Beast. The letters arrived ahead of the ones that were sent “snail mail” and he REALLY enjoyed the pictures that I was able to attach to the letters.”
           –Rob, West Point parent

“Write2Them was a godsend during the period time when family and friends have no access to their plebes during plebe summer. It gave me great comfort to know that my daughter was “hearing” my voice during a very challenging period at the United States Naval Academy. Thank you so much for providing a service that doesn’t receive many accolades but is so important in their transition into Academy life.”
–Terry, U.S. Naval Academy Mom

 Forget about writing to your Basic once a day during BCT, write to them multiple times daily! It’s been effortless to blast off an email from wherever I am via my iPhone with news from home as it’s happening. There’s no need to worry about paper, stamps or actually getting those envelopes in the mail. Write2Them does it all for you.  They compile & print the emails & then send them out to your Basic on a regular basis. So easy & so awesome!!”
            — Lois, USAFA parent

“Thank you for “Write2Them” you will never realize how much it help my son to be able to read encouraging e-mails from home.  Speaking from a mother’s stand point you took my place when I couldn’t be there to make sure my son received parent’s love. Your service was a blessing.”
You have my support and I will make sure I recommend you service.  Also thank you for going out of your way to ensure that my son received his e-mails when I had yet to receive his P.O. Box Number and your guidance. I have attached a picture of my son this is who you blessed.
            — Donna, USAFA parent

 “Your service has been outstanding. I initially did not register for Write2Them because I wanted to handwrite my letters to my daughter in BCT  and thereby make the letters more personable  , but when my daughter received the letters up to a week after I snail mailed them, I switched to your service. I could not be happier. With Write2Them, my letters arrive within a day or two after I send the email letter. I also found it easier and more convenient for me to compose an email than to handwrite, address and mail an envelope. Thanks for the great service!
— Jim K.  USAFA parent

Come back and check them out or go to the testimonial page on our website at http://www.write2them.org/testimonials

2 thoughts on “Testimonials – Our Families Say It Best!

  1. I love love love this service. I can now write a letter to my son at BMT once or twice a day. This makes me feel great knowing that he is getting mail. I hope this will help his friends write more. They need all the support they can get!

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